Counseling for ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Sometimes when a child is having problems in school and at home, parents wonder whether their child has ADHD. A teacher or family member may have mentioned this to the parent, leaving them wondering. At Arbor Counseling, we know that many children have been given the ADHD diagnosis who do not in fact have ADHD. We also know that some children’s symptoms do indeed fall into the ADHD category.

At Arbor Counseling, we do NOT provide any medication to any client. Furthermore, even if a child is diagnosed with ADHD, we believe there are strategies to try that do not involve medication. We work with parents and children to develop these strategies and tailor them to the specific school and home environment. However, for those children who do qualify for a diagnosis of ADHD, if we believe it is appropriate, we will discuss with the parent the idea of a referral to a medical doctor for medication if that is what the parent is interested in. Once again, we do not push our ideas or values on families.

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