Counseling for Adults

There are many different reasons for adults to seek counseling either for themselves, with their partners, or with other family members.

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Sometimes people are going through a challenging time in their lives and just need someone to help them sort things out. People may be under a great deal of stress because of a specific situation in their lives such as a divorce, separation or other relationship issue. Some people are dealing with family issues such as blending families, children’s behavior issues, or coping with their own health issues or those of a partner or family member.

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Other people are struggling with uncomfortable symptoms such as anxiety or depression and aren’t quite sure what can be done to help. Still other clients have already received a mental health diagnosis and are seeking therapy to support them to feel their best.

Many people are concerned about unhealthy eating such as stress eating, emotional eating and binge eating, leading to overweight and obesity.

Clients may be recovering from something hurtful from their past and are seeking to work through some of their personal history in order to put the past “in it’s place” and find a way to move forward with their lives.

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Some clients are simply seeking to expand or grow in their quality of life or life satisfaction, or are exploring possible changes they would like to make in their lives and would like somebody to participate with them in this quest.

At Arbor Counseling, we work with clients within their own value system and lifestyle. We do not make judgments about people or try to force our own values or beliefs onto others.

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