Anger Management Counseling

Everyone has experienced anger, as it is a normal part of being human. It does serve a legitimate purpose in life. However, for some people, their feelings of anger and the way they express their anger, has become a problem in their lives. For some people, the problem has impacted their relationships with friends, co-workers, neighbors or family members. Jobs and careers can be impacted. Serious breaks in family relationships can occur. Friendships can end.

When people realize that anger is a problem for them, they often promise to themselves (and others) that they will change. However, this may not be as easy as it seems. People may find that although they made a sincere promise or vow to change, they find themselves repeating the same patterns… and feeling disappointed in themselves.

Why is it so hard to change? It is not easy to change because an “anger issue” is not that simple. In counseling, people can work on what triggers their anger and why. They can work on recognizing their own unique process of becoming angry - how anger builds. For every person, this is different. Anger can build over seconds, minutes, hours, days or even months. What thoughts are going on during this anger “building” period? People can work with their counselors on examining these thoughts, and what values, hopes and expectations these thoughts are based on. People will also work on their expression of anger, and finding more effective ways of expressing it. Often people “learn” how to deal with anger from the models they had in their childhood. These learned behaviors can be examined and people can work toward a more comfortable, more effective, less harmful way of dealing with the normal, human feeling of anger.

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