Counseling for Bullying

Everyone has been hearing a lot about the bullying problem in schools. People are debating whether there has actually been an increase in bullying over the years, or whether it is just being highlighted and talked about more. Regardless of what the “right” answer is, we all know there is just too much of it.

Students can learn how to respond to a particular bullying situation, but equally as important, students can also learn how to present themselves more confidently, how to change their fear of bullies into a feeling of strength, and to learn ways to help their classmates by standing up against bullying.

The victim needs help, but the bullies also need help and guidance. They are bullying for a reason. They are getting something out of doing it. What is that reason? How do they feel about themselves? Is something missing in their lives? Are they modeling what they have seen at home, school or even in the media?