Counseling for Children

picture of therapy dollhouse

Arbor Counseling therapists work directly with children starting at age 3. Therapists use play therapy techniques to allow children to express and work through their experiences and emotions in a safe, fun and creative environment. In addition to sessions with children, therapists also meet with parents and sometimes other family members if the parent wishes.

picture of therapy puppets

Some of the play therapy methods used include sand tray therapy, art therapy, and play therapy with puppets, doll house, and many others. Children who are more verbally expressive also like to talk to the therapists in a more “traditional” therapy model.

Arbor Counseling therapists have experience working with many different types of family situations including divorced and step families, single parent families, gay and lesbian families, military families and families in transition and crisis situations.

picture of sand tray

At Arbor Counseling, we ask clients what their goal is for therapy for their child. We do not push our ideas or values on families. We work within a family’s own unique value system and lifestyle. We let parents know what different options exist and we make recommendations based on our professional knowledge. But, we never forget that it is the parent’s choice about how to raise their child.

Parenting Issues



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