Parenting Counseling

Because children do not come from molds and are not ordered from catalogs, they often present challenges that leave parents wondering what they can do to teach their child the skills he or she will need to achieve more satisfaction and success in life right now as well as to help them to grow and develop in a positive direction in the future. In addition to working with parents so that they may help their child find better ways of relating to the world, we also work with parents to find ways to make their household less stressful.

There are many diagnoses out there that parents hear about and they sometimes wonder whether their child fits into one category or another, or whether the situation can be handled without labels or medication. Sometimes trying new parenting strategies can help to address the issues. In other situations, a referral to a psychiatrist for medication is appropriate.

Almost all of our counselors are parents. Their children range in age from toddlers to adults. One has a child with special learning needs. The counselors have experienced many of these situations first hand, and believe that this experience adds another dimension, somewhat of a “reality check” to their professional experience.

Counseling for adults