Counseling for Adolescents and Teens

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Arbor Counseling therapists work directly with teenagers on a variety of issues including self esteem, making better choices, peer issues, relationship issues, family issues, behavior issues, substance use, anger issues, anxiety and depression. Teens experiencing any of these issues often have social or academic difficulties in school. Teenagers are faced with many different situations, choices, messages and values as they socialize with peers in school, in other community settings, and online. In addition, they often have access to images and information that parents are unaware of. Often the choices and situations teens are faced with are different from what they have been taught or what they have experienced at home.

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Many teens are beginning to make their own life choices about college or career goals, relationship issues, and their own individual identities. Parents and family members often play the most important role. However, even in strong families, it is often helpful for teenagers to have somebody to talk to who is not a family member or a peer.

Arbor Counseling therapists have experience working with many different types of family situations including divorced and step families, single parent families, gay and lesbian families, military families and families in transition and crisis situations.

At Arbor Counseling, we ask teenage clients and their parent or parents what their goal is for therapy. Parents’ involvement may vary, depending on what is most comfortable for the family. Some parents want their teen to have counseling and they only wish to be involved if necessary. Other parents wish to be more involved in the therapy, by participating in some of the therapy sessions together, or through consultation in separate sessions, or a mixture of both.


At Arbor Counseling, we do not push our ideas or values on families. We work within a family’s own unique value system and lifestyle. We let teens and parents know what different options exist and we make recommendations based on our professional knowledge. But, we never forget that it is the client’s choice about how to pursue their life goals.

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